1. Another goodie. 9x3 Hank Byzak, triple stringer. Hank used to shape such beauts out of his tiny shop off the 101 in Encinitas, Ca.

  2. close up of my ol’ faithful.

  3. this 5x4 quad goes sooooo good on rail. Dreamin’ of emerald walls and glass off evenings this summa.


  4. ohhhkat asked: but are you sure

    if ya only knew

  5. Strange & Beautiful.

  6. Rule #1. Never sell a(n epic) board to pay rent!!!


  7. "Hurry up with my damn croissants." - a six word story by Kanye West.

  8. Here is a project I completed for my Narrative & Communicative design class. The assignment was to imagine/ create/ construct the cover art and packaging for a record by a musician of my choice. I chose the record There’s no Leaving Now by The Tallest Man On Earth. I printed the graphics using linocuts that I made and bought a few alphabet stamp sets for the text. Everything else is good ol’ fashioned cutting and glueing and folding. I also learned to saddle stitch leather to make a sleeve to protect the project, the leather being inspired by The Tallest Man On Earth’s boots.

  9. Wish I had photos to post but apparently all I do is sit at my computer and occasionally draw my thoughts out onto paper.


  10. there is no use in goin home
    i am out here on my own
    feelin nothing but the weight of the cold

    i got no friends out here
    it’s barren this time of year
    my emptiness is all i have to hold

    if i can find strength to lift my head
    i may find my way instead
    from out beneath this skeleton tree

    and if there’s a song left in my bones
    may it find a home
    so i can bury the voices that softly whisper to me